Welcome to TSO PEMA non-profit's blog page in English ("Tso Pema" means "Lotus Flower Lake")

Today Tso Pema blog has a new page to give important information and updates on the situation in Tibet, India and Nepal (primarily).  A lot of people ask me questions about the present situation in Tibet for Tibetans.  With this page, I hope to be able to offer a few answers!   
I'd love to get your feedback!

The monks' tour is still going strong and we're happy with the results.  They have such a way of making people happy and of transmitting a lot of peace and tranquillity to everyone.
Sorry that the posts are almost always in Italian but I keep hoping that the pictures speak for themselves! 

We wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas!  May the true meaning of Christmas be found in the hearts of each and every one of us!

Dec. 10 ...  This just in from Austria ... another link to see the activities of the monks in tour near Vienna ...   Visiting Nora Frey

Dec. 9    The monks and their tour are doing very well in Austria!  Austrians seem to be as interested as Italians in getting to know Tibetans, their culture and their religion!

Yesterday was a religious holiday in Austria (as well as Italy), so the Tibetan community of Vienna and outlying area were able to spend the day with their fellow Tibetan monks.  Looks like it must have been a very nice day by the smiles they are wearing!

Check out the pictures ...  copy this link:



After leaving Rimè onlus, it took me a while to get reorganized, but here I am again ... still helping our Tibetan friends!
I was lucky to bring the same monks from the March to June tour back to Italy again to continue our fundraising! This tour began on Nov. 16 and will finish on Feb. 15, 2011. The monks work so hard and of course, so well together ... it's just wonderful to be able to spend so much time with them!
Our program is in Italian because most of the things we do, the places where we participate are in Italy ... although 4 of the monks are presently in Austria for the month of December. So this blog will only be translated where necessary!
Here is the link to watch them building a sand mandala in Austria ... it's from yesterday!
Hope you'll follow us as much as possible!
A website will be coming soon! 

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